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For successful implementation of the project, there is a need to construct buildings to house students, pandits, teachers, staff, senior citizens and other visitors.  The essential common areas such as the kitchen, dining halls, etc. have to be taken up in parallel. These will be taken up in phases. The First phase is planned to be commenced by the end 2019. The entire project may take 6 to 7 years at an estimated cost of Rs 15 crores. This is the proposed plan and is subject to change based on the progress of the project. 

Current Status

The land for the project spanning over 6 acres has been identified. Of these one agricultural  Land bearing Surveyy No. 30/4 having an extent of 1 acre and 24 gunthas has been purchased vide sale deed registered on 14th Dec 2017. The competent authorities have given the necessary permissions to start the project. The essential groundbreaking ceremonies were performed, the land was leveled and some big boulders were removed, resulting in a better view of the Tapovana land. We have drawn the plans for the constructions of various structures. Further, we have advanced and made an agreement for the purchase of the adjacent land Sy No 30/5, having an extent of nearly 1acre . The construction is scheduled to start around September 2019, and the required plans and estimates are ready.


After another some time, we plan to purchase another 3 acres of the adjacent lands. The cost of purchase of lands, of total extent of 6 acres , including registration, conversion etc will  be about Rs 1.40 Crores. The area around Shivagange village  is developing in a rapid pace. New roads linking this area with Bangalore International Airport on one side and  Mysore road on another side are being planned. Huge Industrial area is under development. The overall picture indicates huge demand for our Project in the near future. 

Construction: 2019-2025

Classrooms, Pravachana Halls, yoga and meditation halls, libraries, living quarters for students and staff, cottages for Pandiths Guru Bhavanas for Mataadhipathis and religious leaders are planned. Other utilities like Kitchen, dining halls, rest rooms etc., architecturally designed Main Hall with 32’ monolithic statue of Adi Guru Sri Shankaraacharya carved out of granite available in the above land along with a Shaankara theme park depicting the life of Sri Shankaraacharya are also planned.

Phase 1
Approximately 4000 -5000 sq.ft of construction is proposed in order to construct classrooms, yoga hall, utilities, kitchen, dining hall and office space. This is planned to accommodate approximately 25-30 students, 10-20 adults. This is estimated at around Rs 1 crore and planned to be started by September-November 2019.


Phase 2

In this phase, the extraction of the granite block needed to carve the statue of Adi Shankaracharya is planned. During this work, we hope to get the required stones for constructing the main auditorium which is expected to be taken up in the 3rd phase. We plan to construct the cottages for Pandits and Scholars to stay, along with additional class rooms. This is estimated to cost approximately Rs 2 Crores and is planned to be started by October-December 2020.

Phase 3

In this phase, important structures are planned to be constructed. Guru Bhavana for Acharyas of Various Shankara Mutts to stay, Pravachana Halls along with extension of dining halls and additional  rooms. Carving of the Adi Shankaraacharya statue will be an important activity in this phase. This is expected to cost approximately Rs 4 Crores and is to be completed by March 2023.


Phase 4

Construction of additional living quarters, accommodation for visitors, staff quarters, libraries, construction of Auditorium with a seating capacity of 1000 persons, Shankara Theme Park, necessary dining halls etc. This is expected to cost around Rs 4 Crores and is planned to be completed by March 2024.


Phase 5

This is the final phase which will mostly concentrate on finishing the works undertaken earlier. Also Land scaping and architectural finishing works, equipping various areas with necessary cupboards, wardrobes, furniture, fittings etc. This is to cost approximately Rs 2 Crores and is expected to be finished by March 2025.

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