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Photos are illustrations or artistic impressions.

Inspiration for the Project

Sanathana Dharma is the most ancient culture of Hindus, and was the essence of the path lead by Jagadguru Adi Shankaraacharya. Divinty, serenity, austerity are the result of living a sacred life as prescribed by the Rishis and Munis. These are usually not very easy to achieve in the present style of living. It is our belief that people can attain a relaxed stated of mind in a serene atmosphere, while consuming satvic food, leading a simple life, practicing  meditation and  yoga under an expert, which in turn leads to the wellness of body and the mind. With constant effort,  one can reach this state of wellness and lead a happy life. Quoting from the Shruthis, Adi Guru Shankaraacharya explains “Happiness does not come from outside. It is a state of Mind. From constant practice any one can attain that state”. The present Shankaraacharya of Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetam, His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Bharathi Theertha Swamiji in his Anugraha Bhashana advises us to leave the path of “Dushcharitha” (bad/ corrupt ways) and to follow the path of righteousness.

Location of the Project

Sree Shaankara Tapovana is coming up at Shivagange Grama, Sompura Hobli, Nelamangala Taluk, Bengaluru Rural District. Lots with survey numbers 30/2, 30/3,30/4 and 30/5, totaling 6 acres is being used for this project. This land is about 60 Kms from Bengaluru, off the Bengaluru-Tumkur National Highway at the Dabaspete exit on the right. It is located approximately 5km from the main highway, near the Shivagange Circle. 

This location is a pilgrimage center also known as Dakshina Kashi. On a small hillock, a very old Shiva temple attracts scores of devotees. It is also a historic place that is surrounded by many other temples and tourist attractions such as Devarayana Durga, Goravanahalli Sri Lakshmi temple etc. The sacred Sri Sringeri Shivaganga Sharada Peetam which is said to be about 700 years old is also located near the site.

Senior Citizen Programs

We are planning to have a State-of-the-Art Activity Center which supports people to start the  practice  of slowly understanding the need for taking on activities as recommended by Vedas and tread a path which will make them feel comfortable and capable of living life with ease and make it really fruitful. The ambience, food, yoga, meditation, the discourses by eminent pandits on Adi Shankaraacharya’s commentaries combined with freedom of movement/ thinking and the friendly staff give the person coming to the Tapovana a feeling of being a child in the arms of its mother. The motherly touch gives the person a safe haven. 

The planned approach is to have batch by batch training with different types of programs spread over two or three weeks at a time that are aimed to de-stress, in turn making them feel light mentally and physically. They will involve themselves in  group bhajans, yoga, meditation, Vedantha and such activities. Given the serene ambience , good satvic food and the spacious atmosphere, we believe that visitors will feel completely at home. The programs are planned to make them aware of the necessity to have a pure state of mind. We believe that one should celebrate life, feel happy. Happiness leads to love which leads to long relationships, which are almost extinct in this age. We plan to have a maximum of 20 residents at a time.

Youth Student Programs


For the young minds, we are planning to have a Gurukula-type residential center, where we can take in 20 moderately independent students. We plan to train them in Sanskrit and the Vedas, as prescribed in the Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetam syllabus.  We also intend to teach them Yoga. We propose to provide accommodation for Pandiths so as to enable them to be in constant touch with their students . We have a strong feeling that along with studies the students can learn to lead a humble life throughout their successful journey. In addition, we plan to give formal education up to 12th standard. For this, experienced teachers will come to  teach the students. We are also planning to provide necessary training in the field of sports to take care of the all round development of the students. We have reached out to established institutions in and around Bengaluru for support in this regard, who have assured use of their co-operation.



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